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Saturday, 4 June 2011

Dear Love

I love the thrill which does overwhelm me.
At each of thy Caresses.
The beats mad with my heart
When i snuggled up against thee.
Fireworks explode in my tummy.
When i feel so near.
Thy smell makes me mad.
I love thy soft words.
Which I fill with desire.
Thy kisses to lose breath.
Who nip if Fort my belly.
I cannot resist thee
I have only one desire, let me go.
I would like you'd attach to me to never lose.
I think of thee on the day.
I dream of thee the night.
The feelings that I feel are so strong.
If one day I die in my heart will be writing i love you for ever.
I have your smile, your eyes, your Mannerisms,
Thee in full serious in my memory.
I want thee near me and in me to never for the rest of my life.
I am thy man, thy baby, thy master for always.
Thou art the only good thing that me either sometimes
And nothing in the world, and no one can
We separate.
I love you for always with all my love.

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